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This is a News Post!

This is a Post with the category “News.”

Posts set to the “News” category will display on the News category archive page≤ with the newest posts at the top. Use News posts to draw attention to conference presentations, publications, fellowships, etc. You could also use News posts as a blog.

All posts are set to default as News, but you can also create a News Post from the dashboard > Posts > Add New. News is the default post category.

If you wish to create a page that displays Posts across multiple categories, add the “Posts” page to your navigation menu.

Edit/Delete this post from the dashboard > All Posts.

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  1. This is a comment on a news post! It will accept HTML code!

    You can change you can post comments from the Dashboard > Settings > Discussion.

    You can Edit/Delete comments from the Dashboard > Comments.

    You can also turn off the Comments/Pingbacks on any Page or Post when you are editing a Page or Post from the Discussion section of the editor (usually below the field for the body).

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